Summertime (feat. Karen Jewels & Lance Constantine)

from by CDH LiVE!




Words by: Craig Doyle Henry, Lance Constantine, Karen Jewels
Music by Wayne (Pex)

It’s the good life, it’s the blue sky
It’s the summertime; it’s the sunshine (repeat)

VERSE (Lance):
Gather everybody up in your town
Cause you know it’s bout to go down
and today I'm a go smile
all the hate let it go now
we gone keep it all up when i roll round
just wait and slow down
Stay with the folks now
Celebrate in your style, Everybody got a note now
If you’re a king or a queen show them you’re crown
Walking away from my past
I’m moving on not looking back
All of my sisters got my back
All of my brothers got my back
Put your hands up and wave to the side
It’s a new day, sat it with a smile
No matter where they say we gone make it anyhow
Your are great just say it real loud.

VERSE (CDH Live!):
windows down, Sunroof open
arm out the window on the wind just floating
soak in the sun, what goes better than summer and fun
when we get together it’s hot like the weather in June
turn up the tune, yep turn up the tune
sit back relax and bask in the boom of the track
This one is the beach, this one is the breeze
This one is the ocean, this one is the trees
This one is the birds; and it’s the bees,
This one is about twenty seven degrees (I mean)
This one is your best friend, this one is the sunset
This one is some good times chilling on a road trip
Make you want to reminisce, think about your first kiss
Mmm, you know you like this

VERSE (Karen Jewels):
I know it sound like a dream
I sprinkle melodies like children chasing ice cream trucks
Way up the street,
these melodies they come to me
as i reminisce like Pete over this beat
you know it's all coming back to me
soaking up the sun rays
i take a moment, remembering the good days
like a first crush, like a first dream
like a fresh pair a kicks at the exhibition
i'm on the concrete walking at a slow pace
pull out a towel and wipe the sweat beads off my face
i'm looking good now, I'm really feeling great
it's only God's grace, that i could feel this way
sweet peace of mind, beautiful sunshine
give me a cool glass of water and a burst of lime
it's the good life.

I am a king and I know im so
I am a king and I know I'm so (repeat)
I am a queen and I know I’m so
I am a queen and I know I’m so (repeat)


from The Pre​-​Show, released June 22, 2014
Lyrics by: Craig Doyle Henry, Lance Constantine, Karen Jewels
Music by: Pex at Mass Flava Productions
Recorded & Mixed by: DJ Shane
Mastered by: Chris Anderson at Definitive Sound Mississauga



all rights reserved


CDH LiVE! Toronto, Ontario

CDH Live is the sound of inspiration dipped in classic Rap/Rock and Spoken Word. An award winning Writer/Producer and Poet CDH has performed for thousands across North America. His music is played internationally. He's been compared to icons K-Os and Wyclef. His Poetry Book is titled “My Name is Poetry” and he is currently working on his 1st solo Album.

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