Bigger Than​.​.​.

from by CDH LiVE!




Verse :
Blast out of the box, take a hot second
just to recommend you recognize the blessing that you’ve been provided with
scriptures in the text like the word was made flesh
hit you with the best of this life and take you higher than you’ve ever been
who takes away your sin? Once you realize who’s the way, the truth, the life, yep the risen kid
I mean the risen Son, he’s not done
Doing His work on this earth, you and I are the extension of His hands
Heal the land, raise the dead,
Start a fire, breath life, speak only the words that he said
Look how the truth gets everybody moving
The way nobody else can do it

‘cause He’s bigger than hip-hop, He’s bigger than music
He’s bigger than the life that you think your choosing
He’s bigger than the world, bigger than the movement
Without Him giving life the whole planet is useless
You know his name: JESUS
C’mon everybody say His name: JESUS
C’mon we could all say his name: JESUS
Let the whole world know His name: JESUS, you know it: JESUS

This one’s for the future, the next generation
Born in the present, but was formed in the ancient of days
C’mon lift them hands and give praise
Stop thinkin’ ‘bout the moment, just release yourself to own it
Let the Spirit of God take you home again controlling everything you do
The what, the where, the when the who
I never knew, we never knew we could be free
So why stop living when the I is in me
Released in liberty, float high like the eagle
Wind beneath the wings all over the world we go
And take each city by storm
Born to give glory to Him who sits on the throne
Just let it be known, Christ is the reason for life
Man some don’t understand, that’s why we holding this mic
Speaking His life to let the world know what it’s like
Leaving it all just to live in His light

Right now, He’s bigger than that
Any problem I had, He’s bigger than that
All my mistakes in the past, He’s bigger than that
And any challenge up ahead, I know he’s bigger than that
So if you think you got more, He’s bigger than that
The red carpet award, He’s bigger than that
Top spot billboard, He’s bigger than that
Don’t even try to keep score, ‘cause He’s bigger than that
It’s simply a fact, He’s bigger than your favourite pop star
Bigger than Pac, Biggie, or anyone hip-hop
Bigger than New York, the song or the city
Try to find someone to compare, tell me who is he
Lennon tried to do it, and now Lennon is gone
The world misses the gift, but the world moves on
Only one could hold the world in His hands,
Jesus Christ is the name and for His name we stand.

© Craig Doyle Henry. All rights reserved.


from The Pre​-​Show, released June 22, 2014
Music and Lyrics by: Craig Doyle Henry
Live Guitar: Chris Anderson
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Chris Anderson at Definitive Sound Mississauga



all rights reserved


CDH LiVE! Toronto, Ontario

CDH Live is the sound of inspiration dipped in classic Rap/Rock and Spoken Word. An award winning Writer/Producer and Poet CDH has performed for thousands across North America. His music is played internationally. He's been compared to icons K-Os and Wyclef. His Poetry Book is titled “My Name is Poetry” and he is currently working on his 1st solo Album.

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