The Pre​-​Show

by CDH LiVE!

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released June 22, 2014

Written, Produced and Performed by Craig Doyle Henry
Mastered by: Chris Anderson at Definitive Sound



all rights reserved


CDH LiVE! Toronto, Ontario

CDH Live is the sound of inspiration dipped in classic Rap/Rock and Spoken Word. An award winning Writer/Producer and Poet CDH has performed for thousands across North America. His music is played internationally. He's been compared to icons K-Os and Wyclef. His Poetry Book is titled “My Name is Poetry” and he is currently working on his 1st solo Album.

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Track Name: One & Only

I am the world's one and only
the gifted you can't compete with
there will never be another in existence
I am the world's one and only
I came to bless and you came to catch it
I am the world's one and only
so don't ever never ever get it twisted
I am the worlds one and only

Na na na, na na na, na na na na na na na
Na na na, na na na, na na na

I was born in the city, raised in the bush
Spent time with saints and spent time with crooks
Moved past the pain and made it a nice hook
Before life would kick I had to push
Lionize who I be
I am alive as a testimony
Born to bring life from the heavens above
Made to push faith, peace, hope and love
It’s distinctive existence
Each one different, one in six billion
I could never be you, you could never be me
So just come on sing along with me.

It’s hard to believe but trust me
This world would never be the same without me
Inspiring life when I light up a stage
Still ignite fire when my pen hits the page
Oh my, look and be amazed
Speak truth and live it till the end of the age
some chasin’ a dream but It’s real
You sitting wishing you could understand how it feels
Just to be chosen, just to be known
For one great thing is so golden
I find it remarkable
Unique like a star but my shine is personal
It’s distinctive existence
Each one different, one in six billion
I could never be you, you could never be me
So don’t take it personally

(na na na, na na na, na na na na na na na)
(na na na, na na na, na na na na na na na)

© Craig Doyle Henry. All rights reserved.
Track Name: iRap
This is iRap, CDH Live!
make you wanna get up with a glimmer in your eye
Rap, CDH Live!
make you wanna get up with a glimmer in your eye

This is iRap, CDH Live rap
make you wanna vibe and open up your eyes rap
yeah, kinda hard to find that
seek and you will find rap, elevate your mind rap
i like that, middle of the night rap
light up in the dark black, fire for your life rap
even if you fall flat, brush it off and fight back
long as I'm alive, keep reaching for the sky rap
i know you never heard that
inspiration for your ears wipe away your tears rap
hope for tomorrow aint got no lack
come too far we could never turn back

Those who never heard o' me, they be like who dat?
CDH Live on time with the nu rap
divine gettin better with age a fine wine rap
make you wanna dance and make you wanna clap
C He Delivers Hope if your willing to receive it
all you gotta do is raise your hands up and believe it
penetrate the intellect and make your heart feel it
That's the only reason we reveal it and call it
New generation, faith entertainment
inspiration rap for all people of the nation
kaleidoscope, captivate the colours of creation
black or Caucasian,
pigmentation of your skin don't determine what's within just face it
Future ain't gotta be determined by mistakes and
if you got the faith then life is what you make it
if you got the faith baby life is what you make it!

imagine if you will, picture if you please
7 days a week I'm paid for being me
I'm living in my purpose so the money chase me
I aint got to worry, I got everything I need
always look good but it's not about the fashion
beauty come through from the purpose in my passion
word life that's poetic sound everlasting
indie artist with a heart is better than a has been
better than a mansion, oh and did I mention
when I grab the mic it's all truth, hope and wisdom
love from the deepest down within is what I give 'em
the King of kings & Lord of lords is who I'm representing
everybody love it they don't even know the reason
the young, the poor, the rich, the old and everything between 'em
every time the song play, life is what you breathe in
CDH Live! iRap all seasons

Shout Outro:
Let me send a couple of shout outs real quick
City Lights
City Gospel
EMG for life, you know how it is
Breaking Bread
live members all day everyday
you know how it goes
your bro
Track Name: OH!
OH! (Look at the Crowd)

Hands up, Stand up let me see your eyes up
Take it higher wake up with the fire when you rise up
Rocky road, stone cold, conquer every obstacle
Victory and no defeat, make a mark on your world
Never too early, never too late,
Living ‘cause all that we got is today
Look at me putting it all on the line
This is my destiny, this is my life

Oh! look at the crowd, jump up and down
Everyone moving and making the sound
Loving the life, living the dream, finally free, living it loud
What i found, making it count before the bow
As long as we living & giving it all that we got, nothing could stop us now
We could say,
Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeah! (repeat 3x)

Hard days and the hard nights in the dark under the moonlight
Hard pressed with a mindset for the long road that’s up ahead
When the pain hits, and you wanna quit, we could fall down but we get up quick
When I wanna stop, cause it’s gettin’ hot but I just will not give in
Looking my enemies dead in the eye
Facing my foes ‘cause this is the time
Makin’ ‘em holler and makin’ em cry
This is the reason that I am alive!
Track Name: Get Live!

Get, live everybody get live!
Get, live everybody get live!
Get, live everybody get live!
Get, live, put those hands in the sky!
Live, put those hands in the sky!
Live, put those hands in the sky!
Live, put those hands in the sky!
Get get, get up, get up get up,

Thanks for the life that i spit from the booth
so the truth stay hot when i speak to the youth
grow organic like beats from the roots
no more panic i'm standing for you
Imaging for a second what i would be doin
if i wasn't making hot music for people to move with
imagine if I never got born again
I might still be living as a hooligan
give thanks for my mama who prayed up
if it wasn't for the love I might of gave up
give thanks to the Father for helping me through the struggle
and getting me outta trouble that i made up
i know hope still lives i'm a point for that
you could hear it in my voice every tiime I rap
i said hope still lives, I'm a choice for that
that's why heaven rejoice every time I rap

From the very first day to the very last
Keep eyes on the prize never in the past
Give thanks for whatever little that you have
until whatever little grow into a big stack
and it ain't about the cash, squash that
It's about living the life you supposed to have
and if anybody tell you, we shouldn't be getting over
let 'em know that getting over is where it's at
Just smile in the midst o the rain
I got joy in the middle o the pain
Trouble allways wanna come and take your crown
But you can't really ever keep a good man down
Hope still lives, I'm a point for that
you could hear it in my voice every time iRap
I give praise to the King, everywhere I'm at
that's why angels sing every time iRap

Move, from the front to the back of the room
fitted cap down to the shoes
everybody in the place just groove

I Got the gift and yes I'm swift you can't resist,
I can't miss like Kane in the 80's
1 for the ladies, 2 for the fellas,
3 for the kids who shout like old yeller
Can't stop living the life, I get better
keep on livin the life I get better
every-time I dig in the script, the red letter
then i know that i'm a getta, g-getta g-getta, getta get
Track Name: Summertime (feat. Karen Jewels & Lance Constantine)

Words by: Craig Doyle Henry, Lance Constantine, Karen Jewels
Music by Wayne (Pex)

It’s the good life, it’s the blue sky
It’s the summertime; it’s the sunshine (repeat)

VERSE (Lance):
Gather everybody up in your town
Cause you know it’s bout to go down
and today I'm a go smile
all the hate let it go now
we gone keep it all up when i roll round
just wait and slow down
Stay with the folks now
Celebrate in your style, Everybody got a note now
If you’re a king or a queen show them you’re crown
Walking away from my past
I’m moving on not looking back
All of my sisters got my back
All of my brothers got my back
Put your hands up and wave to the side
It’s a new day, sat it with a smile
No matter where they say we gone make it anyhow
Your are great just say it real loud.

VERSE (CDH Live!):
windows down, Sunroof open
arm out the window on the wind just floating
soak in the sun, what goes better than summer and fun
when we get together it’s hot like the weather in June
turn up the tune, yep turn up the tune
sit back relax and bask in the boom of the track
This one is the beach, this one is the breeze
This one is the ocean, this one is the trees
This one is the birds; and it’s the bees,
This one is about twenty seven degrees (I mean)
This one is your best friend, this one is the sunset
This one is some good times chilling on a road trip
Make you want to reminisce, think about your first kiss
Mmm, you know you like this

VERSE (Karen Jewels):
I know it sound like a dream
I sprinkle melodies like children chasing ice cream trucks
Way up the street,
these melodies they come to me
as i reminisce like Pete over this beat
you know it's all coming back to me
soaking up the sun rays
i take a moment, remembering the good days
like a first crush, like a first dream
like a fresh pair a kicks at the exhibition
i'm on the concrete walking at a slow pace
pull out a towel and wipe the sweat beads off my face
i'm looking good now, I'm really feeling great
it's only God's grace, that i could feel this way
sweet peace of mind, beautiful sunshine
give me a cool glass of water and a burst of lime
it's the good life.

I am a king and I know im so
I am a king and I know I'm so (repeat)
I am a queen and I know I’m so
I am a queen and I know I’m so (repeat)
Track Name: Passion
Words & Music by: Craig Doyle Henry

Passion, life everlasting
hold your hands up if you believe from the moment that you
rise in the morning, everyday is golden
that's the reason why we keep

I wrote this song for, all of the driven souls
no matter where you are in city's all across the globe
I'm here to let you know, we need to feel your glow
so let your fire burn brighter as the wind blows
Somebody in the U.K who never heard of me
listening to this to find strength to face another day
I'm seeing young'ns under the sound of my voice
puttin' down the guns and making right choices
wherever my voice is carried it's married to inspiration
circumstances come we rise above the situation
12 months out of the year we kill fear
with the heart of a lion all my enemies dissapear
so obstacles in my way, even through pain, better know that I'm stepping over
rising to challenges, fighting the battles and conquering like a soldier
breaking the barriers, breaking the records and no they can not hold you
if anybody asks tell 'em that CDH Live told ya!

I know it hurts some times but don't hold back
we came to light up the night, so let your fire crack
yeah, just let your fire crack
five fingers in the sky, sing a song for you and I
I can't deny that at times I'm still selfish,
still I'm writing songs for these kids that feel helpless
those who never felt this cannot understand but
I've been on this mission since I got born again
I know it isn't easy I had challenges too
I mean I wrote produced and recorded this song in my room
with no money for the studio, no spins on the radio
I only had the passiona and the gift and wouldn't let it go
so now I'm standing for folk all over the planet
I'm planted just like a tree with a passion to help you breathe
and granted, I'm just a man, but there's none like me
don't take for granted that we only got this moment to be (c'mon)

One step over another (passion)
One step over another with (passion)
One step over another (passion)
One step over another with (passion)
Track Name: Bigger Than...

Verse :
Blast out of the box, take a hot second
just to recommend you recognize the blessing that you’ve been provided with
scriptures in the text like the word was made flesh
hit you with the best of this life and take you higher than you’ve ever been
who takes away your sin? Once you realize who’s the way, the truth, the life, yep the risen kid
I mean the risen Son, he’s not done
Doing His work on this earth, you and I are the extension of His hands
Heal the land, raise the dead,
Start a fire, breath life, speak only the words that he said
Look how the truth gets everybody moving
The way nobody else can do it

‘cause He’s bigger than hip-hop, He’s bigger than music
He’s bigger than the life that you think your choosing
He’s bigger than the world, bigger than the movement
Without Him giving life the whole planet is useless
You know his name: JESUS
C’mon everybody say His name: JESUS
C’mon we could all say his name: JESUS
Let the whole world know His name: JESUS, you know it: JESUS

This one’s for the future, the next generation
Born in the present, but was formed in the ancient of days
C’mon lift them hands and give praise
Stop thinkin’ ‘bout the moment, just release yourself to own it
Let the Spirit of God take you home again controlling everything you do
The what, the where, the when the who
I never knew, we never knew we could be free
So why stop living when the I is in me
Released in liberty, float high like the eagle
Wind beneath the wings all over the world we go
And take each city by storm
Born to give glory to Him who sits on the throne
Just let it be known, Christ is the reason for life
Man some don’t understand, that’s why we holding this mic
Speaking His life to let the world know what it’s like
Leaving it all just to live in His light

Right now, He’s bigger than that
Any problem I had, He’s bigger than that
All my mistakes in the past, He’s bigger than that
And any challenge up ahead, I know he’s bigger than that
So if you think you got more, He’s bigger than that
The red carpet award, He’s bigger than that
Top spot billboard, He’s bigger than that
Don’t even try to keep score, ‘cause He’s bigger than that
It’s simply a fact, He’s bigger than your favourite pop star
Bigger than Pac, Biggie, or anyone hip-hop
Bigger than New York, the song or the city
Try to find someone to compare, tell me who is he
Lennon tried to do it, and now Lennon is gone
The world misses the gift, but the world moves on
Only one could hold the world in His hands,
Jesus Christ is the name and for His name we stand.

© Craig Doyle Henry. All rights reserved.